More Seeds!

Cajun Sunshine x Raspberry beret.JPGCajun Sunshine x Raspberry beret Double 2Apart from the commercial seed catalogues we’ve received , yesterday came a letter from America from a fellow daylily (hemerocallis) enthusiast containing 110 seeds from his 2015 crosses. Now I have to decide how many I can sow, given that they all have to be found a space in the ground for at least 12 months. It’s so difficult as each new plant is unique, some may follow their “mother” some their “father” whilst others may be a stunning mix of the two! There will be hours of poring over photographs of each parent trying to best guess which ones to pick. The two photographs above are both from the same cross but while one is single the other is double yet neither parent is double. This does not help me decide which seeds to sow!

Seed Catalogues

This time of year we are showered with plant and seed catalogues. They’re full of beautiful close-up shots of glorious flowers; plant-porn for horticulturalists! We have ordered a few (hah!) as you would expect from two plant addicts. One of our favourite seed sellers is ‘Seedaholics’ in Ireland. Not only do you get the seeds with a picture – you get a half A4 page of description of where the plant likes to grow, where it comes from, how to sow, how to plant and how you can divide the adult plant or collect the seed. It’s wonderfully comprehensive compared with many well-known seed companies.

Happy New Year

Welcome to our first blog!

We are two sisters who have turned a love of plants and gardens into a small nursery business.

We hope in our blogs to share with you our work in the nursery garden and some of our favourite plants