Not enough hours in a day.

We are reaching that time of year when we long for a 36 hour day. We are sowing seeds at our homes in the evenings or mornings and growing them on after they have germinated. Down at the nursery, we are trying to finish the refurbishment of our garden, relaying the paths and extending some beds. The planting also needs tweaking, as I’m sure you all know, no garden is ever finished.

While we are busy digging out stuff, we also need to be cleaning, splitting or potting up our stock of hundreds and hundreds of plants. The sales area has to be laid out, too. The Shade Tunnel has suffered from the storm-force winds of the winter and has to be recovered and the boundary fence leans drunkenly from the same source, so has to be reinforced.

Meanwhile, life goes on – food shopping, banking, walking the dogs, washing, cleaning, ironing etc. So that’s why we would like a new calendar: Jan. Feb. and March should have 36 hours in each day and possibly 40 days as well. We’d be ready for the summer then. Anyone second my proposal?

Germinating Seeds!!

After my earlier blog I sowed a total of 66 Hemerocallis seeds, made up of 4,5, or 6 seeds from each cross (just don’t have enough room to sow them all….worse luck) .when I checked them Wednesday, 37 had germinated and are now potted into their own compost filled pots. Now they have started I’ll check them every 3/4 days, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for near 100% germination. So exciting!!

This photograph is of Wild & Wonderful X Spiral Nebula sown January 2014 & bloomed last summer.W&W x Spiral Nebula 2

Nursery Dogs

For those of you that don’t read our HHP home page, we have three dogs between the two of us. I’ve got two miniature black and tan Jack Russell bitches and Liz has a black and brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch.

They are terriers and terrors! Roaming the acre of garden with us, they are both endlessly amusing and often annoying. Today, as we were busy working in the flower beds, Maisie (one of my JR) nearly drove me to canine-icide. Yes, I know there’s no such word. She is fixated on a shabby, half of a ball which she loves to chase, so someone has to throw it for her.Yep, step forward Chief Mug! Being only half a ball, it’s not very aerodynamic and takes quite a lot of effort to throw any distance. I threw it, on and off, for 2 and a half hours. Now. having done some washing, cooked dinner and dusted, I’m busy seed-sowing at home feeling a bit weary while she’s flaked out, curled up on her blanket on the sofa. It’s a dog’s life!!