Nursery Dogs

For those of you that don’t read our HHP home page, we have three dogs between the two of us. I’ve got two miniature black and tan Jack Russell bitches and Liz has a black and brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch.

They are terriers and terrors! Roaming the acre of garden with us, they are both endlessly amusing and often annoying. Today, as we were busy working in the flower beds, Maisie (one of my JR) nearly drove me to canine-icide. Yes, I know there’s no such word. She is fixated on a shabby, half of a ball which she loves to chase, so someone has to throw it for her.Yep, step forward Chief Mug! Being only half a ball, it’s not very aerodynamic and takes quite a lot of effort to throw any distance. I threw it, on and off, for 2 and a half hours. Now. having done some washing, cooked dinner and dusted, I’m busy seed-sowing at home feeling a bit weary while she’s flaked out, curled up on her blanket on the sofa. It’s a dog’s life!!


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