Plant of the Week:Ranunculus ficaria flore plena

This plant is only 3″ tall but it makes a huge impact with double bright yellow flowers in early spring. It will grow in sun or shade where it really lights up the garden, then by early to mid May it dies down to nothing only to re-appear in January or February depending on the weather. For the faint-hearted there is a lovely pale cream double form.Ranunculus ficaria fl pl 3

Plant of the Week: Erysimum”Bowles Mauve”

An old favourite and rightly so, this plant flowers for months at a time .It makes a low shrubby mound about 16″ to 24″ tall with lovely deep mauve flowers. Keep dead-heading to increase flower production and I always take a few cuttings in summer as “Bowles Mauve” is a short lived perennial,  say 3 or 4 years as the constant flowering seems to wear it out! Sun004

Plant of the Week: Bergenia Tubby Andrews

Bergenia  “Tubby Andrews”  has so much going for it, hardy, evergreen variegated foliage , usually flowers twice in the year and looks attractive all the year round. The foliage alone makes it a worthwhile plant especially in winter when the colours are even more intense and the  pink flowers are a bonus. Easy to grow tolerating a wide range of conditions “Tubby” is a lovely plant.

Tubby Andrews 3