Plant of the Week: Verbena “Bampton”

This plant has the most eye-catching deep purple metallic foliage with small purple flowers,the stems are a deep beetroot and if planted in full sun the colour is retained throughout the summer. It usually starts to flower early/mid June depending on the weather but in my garden iots now in flower.Verbena Bampton


Verbena Bampton 2

Plant of the Week: Libertia grandiflora

Libertia grandiflora 1.JPG

This perennial plant which originates from New Zealand is not as well known as it should be.Its narrow green leaves form a bold clump, the erect stems carry clusters of white bowl shaped flowers May to July followed by spherical seed pods which turn black as they ripen. It grows in full sun, although it will tolerate light shade and reaches about 36″ height. AGM

Death of a Plant

He was a long-time friend, Rosa ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ known to my family as ‘Stanley’. For the past 24 years Stanley has flowered faithfully from March to October, sometimes later. In fact in several years, Stanley had been in flower on Christmas Day!
He has beautiful pink, scented flowers and almost evergreen foliage. His relaxed habit means that very little pruning is needed. In fact, with a once-yearly feed I’ve never had to do any rose care at all. Stanley was the perfect plant for someone who has no time to garden, or someone who spends far too much time on other, less tolerant plants!
Cutting up the branches has exposed a huge gap in one of my borders and a big hole in my heart!
Unfortunately, I can’t replace him. You should never put a new rose in a spot where another one grew and now, after 25 years of gardening, I have very little space anywhere else.
So, goodbye, my friend. If there is anyone reading this who is looking for a rose…… Well, give ‘Stanley’ a try.

Plant of the Week:Veronica “Georgia Blue”

Veronica peduncularis “Georgia Blue” forms a low cushion, 6″ tall, at the front of the border. The spread depends on how long your particular clump has been planted, it’s has been in flower here  for at least six weeks and will continue throughout the summer. The beautiful intense blue flowers  are set off by a lovely reddish brown foliage .All in all – a really good “doer”!Veronica peduncularis 4