Open Days

This Monday sees the start of a new event for the National Garden Scheme, at least here in Worcestershire. We are holding a morning open garden! I know right now, in the early morning rain, it doesn’t sound too inviting, but HEY it’s going to be better weather by next week.

It will be the usual – a stroll around our ‘hidden gem’ (not my quote) of a garden – followed by our own home-made cakes with tea/coffee and a friendly chat with, maybe, the purchase of some plant you’ve just decided you can’t live without, (yes, folks, we’ve all been there!) sitting either on the sunny patio or cosied up in our especially cleaned polytunnel, if wet. And all in the morning!! From 10.30am till 12.30pm if you’re interested.

Of course, we are still doing our usual Sunday openings: the 5th and 19th 0f June from 2pm till 5pm. And there’s a second coffee morning on the 20th June if you miss next week’s. This is just a dip – no, just a toe in the water, so to speak, to see if anyone is interested in a morning visit. It’s something we might do, as we, theoretically, are retired!

Whether it be morning or afternoon, hope to see you soon!


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