Plant of the Week: Kniphofia rooperi

This kniphofia is one of the latest ones to flower giving a lovely punch of colour to the autumn border.The large spherical heads, slighly flattened at the top, are a bright redy/orange and yellow on stout  four to four and a half foot tall stems . Like all Kniphofias it is hugely attractive to bees ( see second photo) Kniphofia rooperi has the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Plant of the Week: Phlox paniculata “David”

All Phlox have a lovely spicy scent which perfumes the garden during the  summer months, this cultivar also has a long flowering period, resistance to mildew and is superb for cutting. It has large clear white flower-heads and dark green foliage , reaching 4 foot it rarely needs staking and grows easily in part shade or sun. Like all Phlox it appreciates a rich moist soil.

Phlox David 3There is a sport of this plant, Phlox paniculata “David’s Lavender”, which I have recently acquired and I am trialing it in my garden to see if it performs as well as”David”…….watch this space!

Plant of the Week: Another Hemerocallis seedling!!

Well this is possibly the last one for this year as most of the  seedlings that have scapes have flowered now. It would be lovely to discover a good really late flowerer but looking at the seedling beds I don’t see any evidence of that, however this week’s seedling is one from the 2012 or 2013 batch. I’m not 100% sure of its parentage but I’m guessing it may be one of the  Spirit of Sapelo X Suzy Cream Cheese crosses. We have nicknamed it “Ole Stripey” and we’ll grow it on for a couple more years before deciding whether to formally name and register it. The photograph shows it in the cottage garden with Geranium Anne Thomson.Ole Stripey2