Plant of the Week: Solidagos

We have several types of Solidago at the nursery, all useful in the autumn flower beds and all very attractive to insects.

Solidago rugosa “Fireworks” is 3 to 4 foot tall with dark stems and leaves topped by slender branches of mid-yellow flowers making a lovely airy display. This plant is native to North America where it grows in damp woods and meadows.  The nursery is on heavy clay and it flowers here from August to October

providing late nectar feasts for bees and hoverflies. “Fireworks” makes a long-lasting cut flower.

Solidago sempervirens ,this is taller at 5 to 6 foot tall .It is  rarely offered for sale  in the UK and is native to the Eastern seaboard of the USA. It has strong stems which do not need staking, with golden-yellow fluffy flowers. Flowering at the same time as “Fireworks” it is equally attractive to insects, and is a useful seaside plant being very tolerant to salt exposure.


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