Well there’s been no blog for a couple of weeks as we’ve been really busy preparing the nursery garden and our own gardens for winter. Although the weather has been fine, dry and fairly  warm , there are reports in the media from doom merchants predicting heavy snow , weeks of freezing weather,plague of frogs  (!) well you get the message so to be on the safe side and not to tempt fate we are trying to get as  much done as possible. At the nursery , as well as cutting back perennials and shrubs, we are also planting up areas we have identified over the summer as needing additional planting. It’s easier to do this extra planting in autumn,  we find the plants establish so much better when put in now as  the soil is still warm from the summer.

Not all the plants are ready for winter, this Iris “Buckwheat” obviously doesn’t realise it’s almost November  and quite a few of the roses have blooms open, it will be a shame when the first frosts, forecast for next week, hits them.dsc01335

A Tale of Two Tails ( and spots! )






I lost my Staffordshire Bull terrier in March 2006 and grieved terribly for her for several months. But I really missed having a dog to walk, to talk to and to sit on the sofa and snuggle with. Also, I really really missed coming home to that welcoming presence.

Then, in June, a friend showed me a picture of a litter of miniature Jack Russell puppies to point out the one he’d chosen. He was waiting for her to be old enough to leave home. Oooooh! I wanted one.They looked soooo sweet! Luckily, my friend knew the breeders very well, both families were friends, so he phoned to ask if I could also reserve one. YES!! No, unfortunately, the whole litter had been spoken for. As you can imagine I was quite downhearted……… make that really sad.

Then, a week later, my friend phoned me. Was I still interested in the puppies because one, a bitch, which was what I wanted, was now available? The puppy had been reserved by a farmer who had come to the breeder’s farm to see his choice. He was annoyed to see that they had undocked tails and said he didn’t want her with a long tail.

I did! I said yes please and three days later, set out for the farm near Coventry to see her with her brother and sisters. Then, four weeks after that, in July 2006, Milly came home.

Milly was a bit of a princess, largely in part because my daughter treated her like one whenever she was home from university! So after 3 years, when Milly shredded the daily paper, barked at the postman, the dustmen, the meter reader, anyone on a motorbike, slept in my bed – but only during the day when she could have it to herself, I decided she needed another dog, so that she would realise she was one herself!!

Many internet trawls later, I had found a similar miniature JR, black and tan in colour, though without the 1/8th Chihuahua of Milly. I phoned. They had, unfortunately, promised all the bitch puppies but I left my phone number, just in case…..

A few days later I heard that one of the potential buyers had backed out because ………….yes, you’ve guessed it, her chosen puppy had a long tail!!! I think the person in question thought they were born with stumps for tails! So, in July 2009, Maisie came home.

On the day I fetched Maisie home, Liz’s Staffordshire Bull terrier, Lucy, died of old age which was so very sad. A few days later, in our local pet shop, Liz saw a slightly out-of-date ad for S.B.T. pups and decided to ‘just go and see them’ and found a puppy of 13 weeks, still at home because, having a skin problem, no-one wanted her. No more!! Liz immediately sprang into action and the following week, in August 2009, Sophy went home too.

So, here we are with ‘The Three Rejects’!! who are all greatly loved and perfect in every way –  in our eyes anyway.