Last Blooms of 2016

I picked this bunch of flowers from my garden Monday morning then we had frosts Monday and Tuesday nights so this is my last decent amount of flowers from the garden for this year. Quite often I get the odd one or two flowers, usually roses, up to Christmas but I don’t expect enough to fill a vase until next year.

The peach coloured Dahlia has been terrific all summer, I’ve had it for ages and have no idea of its name! The Penstemon is “Alice Hindley” a really good plant, the white argyranthemum is also nameless as I’ve had that years taking cuttings late summer and over-wintering them in the greenhouse. The Helianthus is a new one to me, I bought it this spring called “Dorien Roxburgh” a bit taller than H. “Lemon Queen” and doesn’t seem to need staking and has been very floriferous. The Schizostylous I bought years ago in Cornwall and I’ll probably get the odd one or two more flowers until it gets really cold.

The roses are “Sophy’s  Rose”, “Munstead Wood”, “Hot Chocolate”, Champagne Moments” and the peachy coloured one at the front might be “Lady Hillingdon” I think!! A New Years resolution for 2017 will possibly be to make labelling plants more of a priority. (maybe)dsc01336



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