Today has been the coldest so far this winter and we’ve spent a very unpleasant couple of hours this morning finalising preparations for winter protection at the nursery. The cold has made me look back at the summer via my photographs, with longing trying to recapture the warmth (not that there was a huge amount of that here in Evesham!)

The first photograph is looking up the Hamilton bed which was a haze of Scabious, Phlox, Penstemon, Leucanthemum, Echinacea and grasses oh and an unknown pink rose,one of our auction buys, which flowers prolifically all summer.

The second photograph is looking across the Sunshine bed towards the Pink bed and features the “must have” plant of our garden visitors this year – Epilobium “Stahl Rose”. It was a huge success and we sold out quite early on however being an Epilobium it’s not difficult to propagate so we will hopefully have enough for next year. The deep red, low growing plant in front is a Sweet William, we decided to give biennials a try last season and used them and wallflowers with great effect. The added bonus with Sweet Williams is their lovely scent.

Roll on next summer!



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