Dreading Winter

After Remembering Summer comes Dreading Winter. I know we need some hard frosts to kill off the bugs , slugs and snails and other undesirables  but  I really hate the snow. When it snows we have to struggle down to the nursery and spend a very unpleasant hour or so knocking off the snow from the shade netting over the shade tunnel. This involves the two of us , armed with brooms banging them upwards into the snow that is lying in drifts on the netting. Failure to do this after every snowfall results in split shade netting particularly if it has frozen before we get there ,however the process of doing it results in being showered with snow , in your hair, down your neck and up the sleeves of your jacket .Another unpleasant result of this activity is felt the following day when our shoulders and neck muscles are begging for mercy.  All in all we at Harrell’s Hardy Plants are keeping our fingers crossed for some decent frosts but NO snow!!

These photographs are all the white stuff I want to see. Not dreaming of a white Christmas.2011-0142011-009


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