Intimations of Mortality

img_0201Well, dear old Bill Wordsworth had quite a bit to say about getting older, and, only a day after yet another pesky birthday, I’m in full agreement!

Yet the garden, which has looked deader than that poor bird (dodo), is starting to put out brave new shoots through the heavily frosted ground. This should also be the start of our repotting marathon, but it’s impossible to pot on, or split, plants that have a close resemblance to a house brick! We did go down to the nursery in the early part of January and cut back the towering columns of Miscanthus, looking gorgeous rimed in frost. However I paid a painful price for my fortitude – 11 chilblains in almost every finger joint!! I couldn’t bend my fingers for several days.

Even the dogs have suffered, well , Milly has. Being 10 in human years, Milly and I are now the same age, more or less. So, after she had declined to come out for a walk or a visit to the nursery a couple of times in the cold mornings, I thought it was time for her to have some extra warmth round her tiny body, especially as she is practically hairless on her tummy. So I managed to put her into a beautiful, red, Equafleece coat when the morning temperature hovered at -1. Unfortunately for her scores of loyal fans, I have no picture of her modelling it as she is thoroughly hacked off with me and refuses to look at me when she’s wearing it! I will keep trying though. I’ve got masses of failed shots of her retreating back or her dashing off with only her bottom (red-coated) visible. Being an old lady doesn’t go down well with her and, heaven alone knows, doesn’t go down well with me either!!

Still, looking forward, as we all must, I have brought my lovely, big propagating tray into the utility room, plugged it in, and am now happily beginning to fill it with pots of seed I saved from the garden last summer. So far I have sown Baptisia (tricky), Nepeta and Echinacea. The Echinacea seed is collected from our new Echinacea raised bed where I put a selection of species and varieties last year. I’m hoping for some unusual results – who knows? This is one of the joys of own seed collection. It’s enough to cheer me up, but I doubt it will do anything for Milly’s temper. Only the onset of warmer weather and the mothballing of a certain doggie-fleece will do That!!

One thought on “Intimations of Mortality

  1. cant wait for spring to see if my potentillas (mostly from you !) are ok , some look very sad ! Good luck with seed planting ,too cold for me in my wee conservatory !


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