Full Up! – the result of Mid-Winter Blues

This is the time of year when all my chickens come home to roost…… or more correctly when all the plants I’ve ordered during the above mentioned mid-winter blues start arriving,  all  needing a place to live. I find myself pacing my (tiny) garden muttering to myself trying to decide where  I can put them. All the space I thought I had in December & January now seems to have green shoots of emerging perennials or bulbs & the avalanche of new plants just keeps on arriving!

Firstly my Dahlias, from http://www.rosecottageplants.co.uk, I’ve been so restrained & only ordered two, “American Dawn” a stunning mixture of coral , apricot & purple, & “Blue Boy” a lovely lavender blue. These will join my  impulse buys locally of another Dahlia “Creme de Cassis” & Begonia “Splendide Apricot” which caught my eye in a moment of weakness.

The end of last week brought an e-mail from http://www.larchcottage.co.uk saying that my order was being dispatched this week   … a Hakoneckloa  “Naomi”. I’ve been looking for this, a lovely purple tinged version of the stunning shade grass, for a while, also a real treat, a dwarf Rudbeckia I saw at the Eden Project last year & instantly coveted.

Later on next week http://www.brittanyperennials.uk will be  sending my order, a Deschampsia “Northern Lights”,  and a Liriope  “Silver Dragon” seen & desired on a trip to the US three056 years ago & a perennial for shade that I’ve not heard of before, Leucosceptrum japonica “Golden Angel” .How exciting is that, a really new- to- me plant!

You might think that by now I’d have learnt my lesson but no four daylilies will be on their way from Belgium in April! I came across http://www.eurodaylily.be & again could not resist!

Fortunately in all these temptations I am joined by my sister who orders her fair share of plants ( & in some cases more than me… but she does have a much larger garden) then the cost of the postage is halved  a win -win situation.

Right, now back to the drawing board  …. I wonder if I squeezed up that plant I could shoe-horn another in????


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