Oh Dear!

IMG_20160424_1340417_rewindWell in the last blog I made the mistake of saying that despite the weather we would be at Cheltenham Horticultural Society’s Spring Show on Sunday 18th March……. wrong!! It was cancelled on the day due to the “mini beast from the east” weather. Such a disappointment both for us & those who were looking forward to visiting the Pump rooms.

The weather hasn’t hugely improved since then here, one or two reasonably pleasant days followed by wind , rain, grey clouds, drizzle, or any combination of these, take your pick. We are trying to get the plants ready for sales, splitting,  re-potting or just having a quick tidy up but we have to have a constant eye to the weather, possibly we do every spring , it just seems more hassle this year.

ANYWAY despite my last (failed) prediction, we will be at Blockley Village NGS Open Gardens on Sunday 22nd April, 2pm til 6pm. Do please come along and support all those brave souls who have been struggling against the meteorological conditions to get their gardens ready for this day. We will be there selling plants and I can say, without fear of contradiction, the cakes are lovely!!

P.S. This photograph is from a warmer spring.

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